Winnie & Koko's Wedding

Thanks to the lovely couple for the opportunity to be part of their big day. It was my pleasure to cover their wedding (October 24, 2015).


Details are essential to a wedding. Keeping the details (dress, rings, shoes, bouquets, etc.) in the same room with the bride is important. Having all of the pieces together make photographing details easy. Although, during the thick of things, the weddding party is not focus on the aesthetics, mainly becuase at this point they expect everything to be in place. After the wedding, when the comotion cools, and the possibilities of things going wrong is far gone, is when the bride and groom can apreciate all aspect of their wedding day.

Wedding photography is telling the couple's wedding story from beginning to end. So you know what's next. [Bride & Groom prep]

Let's head to the church for the *I Do's *

Wedding photography can be unpredictable. Most times, it is very difficult to have a personal session with the bride and groom and their parties on that special day because things are moving very fast. Usually, after the church ceremony everyone is eager to get to the reception hall. For this wedding we pre-arranged for an on-location shoot between the church and the reception hall. This was a time for the bride and groom to cool off.

Lastly, The Reception. Fun! Fun! And more fun!