Afro Centric-Jersie Young

I met Jersie couple of months at an event before our shoot. To be precise it was at a Valentine's Day diner.  The next day I contacted her about doing a shoot with me, and she agreed. Since we both didn't have much time or the budget for anything big we decided to brainstorm on something simple but fun. We decided to go with African prints base on the fact that she has quite a few beautiful African outfits. 

Location wise, we wanted something that would complements the African theme.  Minnehaha Falls work best for this shoot because there some beautiful dried wooded areas and a stream. After some long steep stairs  we made it to the bottom of the cliff. In March, the snow has just melted and everything was pretty brown.  

As Jersie opened up her bag, my eyes lit up with excitement. Few nights before,  I sent  Jersie  few examples of what I had in mind and told her to bring whatever she had that could work. To my surprised, the African prints were just vivid in colors and beautiful.

Jersie was so prepared for this shoot it was just amazing. She had accessories that went with each outfit. This is one girl who knows how to put colors together. For the next sets of shots I wanted something by the water and on the rocks. We had to find the perfect spot since the location was crawling with so many people trying to enjoy the first drop of sun that Minnesota had to offer. We finally found a spot, but boy oh boy were we in for a surprise. We had to walk through the water to the other side in order to get on the rocks. The water was freaking cold, in fact it was freezing. Like I said before, the snow had just melted. Our feet were freezing, but Jersie was way ahead of me. She was determined to make the best of what we had. 

 Makeup by Jersie 

My job as a photographer, was made easy. All I had to worried about was shooting, posing, and minor help in other aspects of the shoot. 

This is just a beginning. Jersie and I have plans to work together again. Time is our only enemy for personal projects like these.